Going, Going, Gone!

Today (Friday, February 19, 2021) is the last day to submit your Admission Information Form to complete your application to the Faculty of Engineering for undergraduate admission in Fall 2021. Make sure that all sections of the form have been completed and submitted. The Admission Information Form is a required part of the application process. Applicants who do not complete and submit the Admission Information Form will be denied an offer of admission.

Applicants will not have the ability to submit the Admission Information Form late. A planned update to our systems is scheduled for tomorrow so our systems will be offline for maintenance this weekend. We will do our final update of our AIF database on Monday in preparation for our early round of admission in late March.

A screenshot of the Quest login screen indicating Quest will be unavailable this weekend.

Every year, we receive several inquiries from applicants who unfortunately have missed the AIF submission deadline. Unless there exist well-documented extenuating circumstances such as a prolonged medical illness that prevented an applicant from completing the form, we cannot accommodate requests to submit the Admission Information Form after the official deadline. Such cases are extremely rare.

16 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone!”

  1. Hi there!
    I was looking over my submitted AIF and I noticed one of m EC’s has got their date wrong, it ended in 2019, but I have accidentally put the correct date and wrong year? I see that we can add amendments, but since the deadline has passed, would it help to do so? I am just worried that it may sound unrealistic with the dates I have now and wanted to clarify that.


    1. We have already extracted a working copy of the AIF data from the system and we have already started working with the AIF data.

      While the system will not prevent you from making amendments, late amendments will not be seen by our admissions officers. The system is used by all University of Waterloo programs so the system does not “close” at the engineering deadline. Some programs have later deadlines.

      A small date error is common. It is not something that you should worry about. Our admissions officers are very good at interpreting data that contains small errors. A few small errors are unlikely to result in different admission decisions.


  2. When I copied my answers from google docs and pasted it to QUEST, I didn’t notice the inverted question mark which corresponds to an apostrophe. I made an amendment mentioning this small error. Will this significantly affect my AIF score? Thank you.


  3. Hi! Earlier in one of your past posts, you mentioned that you expect this year’s admission cycle to have fewer applicants and that applicants will have a higher admission probability this year than last year. I was wondering if this still stands since you now have the data. Thanks.


    1. Overall, our domestic application numbers increased and our international application numbers decreased. However, I believe that some of the increase that we observed in our domestic application data is related to the fact that applicants are applying to more programs than in previous admission cycles. For this reason, I believe the admission probabilities that I reported last year will likely be close to correct for most programs. There will always be exceptions.

      For international applicants, the admission probabilities are likely a bit better than I reported last year.


  4. Hello Professor,

    I have read from your blog and other sources that around 50% of offers will go out during the late March round? Does this still hold true?

    If so, I wish you good luck, and would like to thank you for the hard work you and your team put in so that students can hear back earlier. It must be very challenging to grade thousands of AIFS and videos in a month!


    1. We would like to announce 50% of our admission offers in the early round of admission. This target may not be achievable for all programs.

      We are currently assessing AIFs. We received over 10,000 AIFs from applicants this year so we have a challenging task ahead of us.


  5. Hello Professor,

    Do university transfer students usually receive a “final” decision in March?

    I ask because the coop sequence I am in currently requires me to take a spring term and I would like to avoid the headache of enrolling and then withdrawing if I were to get an offer. Furthermore, my work term is in the fall for my current program and I would like to plan according.

    Thank you


    1. Internal transfer students will be added to our databases in the next two weeks. Transfer students from other universities are already included in our databases. We consider transfer students at the same time as new admits.

      We carefully evaluate transfer students in the early round of admission. Most of the successful transfer students will be selected for transfers in our early round of admission. The remaining transfer students will need to wait until our final round of admission to get a definitive answer.


  6. Hi Br. Bishop, hope you’re doing well. I realized that some of the courses (not pre-requisites) I am taking that I reported on my AIF do not appear on my OUAC. I have contacted my guidance counsellors and they are fixing the issue but I was wondering if this will affect my ability to receive an offer of admission. Thank you for your time!


  7. Hello Professor, recently I received an offer of admission to another university with a deadline of May 1. Would requesting early consideration from Waterloo Engineering have a negative affect on my chances of receiving an offer? Additionally, what would be the rough deadline of when to request this? Thank you!


    1. Our first round of admission offers will go out at the end of March. I would recommend waiting until after our first round of admission offers are communicated before requesting early consideration.


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