2021 Admission Cycle

The 2021 Admission Cycle has officially begun. I just received word that applicants from outside the Ontario secondary school system may now start the OUAC 105 application process for admission to the University of Waterloo in Fall 2021. Ontario secondary school applicants will need to wait a few more weeks until early October to start the OUAC 101 application process. It is my understanding that the start dates of the application process are staggered by the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) to help distribute the load on their servers.

Normally, our admission cycle starts with the Ontario Universities Fair (OUF) which would have been held this past weekend. This event was not held this year due to restrictions on event sizes imposed to limit the spread of Covid-19 in the Province of Ontario. It is one of many recruiting events that will likely be cancelled or redesigned this year. Our Fall Open House has also been cancelled. We have replaced these recruiting events with several online events that have been designed to answer many of your questions about Waterloo Engineering.

The Faculty of Engineering has online events planned for the months of October, November, December, and January for those wishing to speak with representatives of the university about our programs. I have a number of dates saved on my calendar for recruiting events but the most important one is currently October 3rd. On that day, we will be holding on online event from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm to answer your questions about the University of Waterloo and its many programs. This online event replaces the Ontario Universities Fair.

I look forward to chatting with as many prospective students as possible on October 3rd. More details on this event will be announced soon. If for any reason, you cannot participate in the event on October 3rd, there will be other opportunities to get your questions answered by our faculty, staff, and students.

I am also thinking about running some live sessions of my own in November as time permits, provided there is interest in doing so. The goal of these events would be to provide more information on Waterloo Engineering, to discuss our programs, and to answer common questions about the application process.

Since it is the Fall, I thought I would share with you one of my photographs of Engineering 2 in the Fall. I believe I took this photograph in 1996. It is a bit difficult to date exactly as it was taken on a film camera. It was a photograph that was part of a set for a virtual campus tour that I implemented for graduate students at the time.

Engineering 2 in the Fall of 1996

I will update my blog as I learn more about recruiting events that are planned over the coming months.

Stay safe and healthy!